Harley Davidson 1958 Models 

The Duo-Glide replaces the Hydra-Glide designation in the F-Series. The Duo-Glide is so named for the addition of rear shocks, and the already present front suspension, thus Duo.

Also new in '58 were addition of model XLC to the Sportster line. The XLC was an off-road version of the XL. Off road racing in America was done on graded and relatively smooth course called TT's or Scrambles. The sport of Motocross racing wasn't introduced to America yet. However during this time across the ocean the sport of motocross was maturing and drawing crowd and fan numbers unrivaled in any American motorcycle racing.


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Harley Davidson 1958 Motorcycle Models
Main Models, (Production Numbers):
B Hummer, 125cc two-stroke, 3 speed, (1677), $375
ST Lightweight, 165cc single Flathead, 3 speed, (2445), $465
STU Lightweight, 165cc, restricted intake, 3 speed, $465

XL Sportster, 55ci, medium compression, 4 speed, (579), $1,155
XLH Sportster Sport, 55ci, high compression, (711)
XLC Sportster Racing, 55ci, medium compression,
XLCH Sportster Super Sport, 55ci, high compression, (239)

Servi-Cars, 45ci Flatheads, 3 speed and reverse.
G Servi-Car, w/tow bar, (283), $1,465
GA Servi-Car, w/o tow bar, (643), $1,450

Panheads: Duo-Glides, 74ci, 4 speed, (Production Numbers):

FL Sport Solo, (1591), $1,255
FLF Sport Solo, foot-shift, (1299), $1,255
FLH Super Sport Solo, (195), $1,320
FLHF Super Sport Solo, foot-shift, (2953), $1,320

Specialty Models:
KR 45ci Flathead, Track Racer, (9)
KRTT 45ci Flathead, TTR, (26)
XLRTT 55ci, Sportster TTR, (26)

Sidecar and Chassis:
LE - right hand sidecar
LEC - chassis
1958 glide
Harley Davidson 1958 Motorcycle Model Paint 
(1st color is tank top & fender sides/ 2nd is tank bottom & fender top)
Calypso red/ Birch white, Black/ birch white,
Skyline blue/ birch white, sabre gray metallic/ Birch white,
(police- solid Silver or solid birch white).
No extra cost: any solid standard color.

Sportsters & Singles:
(The following colors with Birch White sides), skyline blue, sabre gray metallic, calypso red, black,
(mudguards any standard color). The Sportsters recieve their own tank emblem.

Calypso red, skyline blue, black, birch white, (police- silver).  
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Harley Gas Tank Graphics

After little change for nearly 30 years a new design logo appeared on Harley Davidson gas tanks in 1933.In 1934 the design was replaced again when Harley Davidson gas tanks sported the Flying Diamond design.
Harley Trike
harley package van
Harley Davidson's Package Truck was offered in a number of configurations. Using a modified version of the sidecar chassis, the frame and body were just a few dollars more than the sidecar.
Model MXP Package Truck shown above, with Harley-Davidson designed snubbers, Alemite fittings, Timken roller bearing hub, 48 inch road tread, $150 at factory. Chassis complete without body, $65 at factory. Prices do not include motorcycle. Harley Davidson also offered other parts and accessoriess
Harley Dealer

In 1907, at age 14, Dudley Perkins rode his first Reading Standard Cycle. Perkins along with Al Maggini opened their own Harley-Davidson dealership in California . They promoted the bikes by racing them. As world war II was coming to an end, Dudley Perkins saw the need to purchase the 80,000 plus bikes produced by H-D for the military. He had them repainted and ready for sale as the war ended. Dealer sales escalated as the veterans demand for bikes came into full swing.  

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