Harley Davidson 1957 Models 

1957 is the start of the iconic Harley Sportster . Basically a K-model with a new top end. The 1957 Sportster was introduced, with its 55 cubic inch overhead-valve engine. The true potential of its revolutionary engine was better shown the following year of the Sportster when Harley Davidson introducing larger intake ports and valves, plus a 12 percent increase in horsepower. optional windshield and saddlebags.

Other 1957 XL specs: 53.9ci, (883cc), 3.0" x 3.81" bore/stroke, 7.5:1 compression, 40hp @ 5,500rpm, Linkert carb, duplex chain primary, 57" wheelbase, 495lbs, 3 qts oil, 4.4 gallon fuel.


Harley oil
Harley Davidson 1957 Motorcycle Models
Main Models, (Production Numbers):
B Hummer, 125cc two-stroke, 3 speed, (1350), $356
ST Lightweight, 165cc single Flathead, 3 speed, (2401), $445
STU Lightweight, 165cc, restricted intake, 3 speed, $445
XL Sportster, 883cc, medium compression, 4 speed, (1983), $1,103

Servi-Cars, 45ci Flatheads, 3 speed and reverse.
G Servi-Car, w/tow bar, (518), $1,367
GA Servi-Car, w/o tow bar, (674), $1,352

Panheads: Hydra-Glides, 74ci, 4 speed, (Production Numbers):

FL Sport Solo, (1579), $1,167
FLF Sport Solo, foot-shift, (1259), $1,167
FLH Super Sport Solo, (164), $1,243
FLHF Super Sport Solo, foot-shift, (2614), $1,243

Specialty Models (Flatheads):
KR 45ci, Track Racer, (16)
KRTT 45ci, TTR, (9)
KHRTT 55ci, TTR, (4)

Sidecar and Chassis:
LE - right hand sidecar
M - Package Truck w/cover
MC - chassis for M
Harley Davidson 1957 Motorcycle Model Paint 
Pepper red w/black tank panels & pepper red fenders
Black w/pepper red tank panels and black fenders
Skyline blue w/birch white tank panels and blue fenders
Birch white w/black tank panels and birch white fenders
(police- Silver). No extra cost:
Birch white, solid or black panels and matching fenders
Metallic Midnight Blue (and fenders), w/birch white tank panels
 Harley Davidson Trike
Harleys first Motorcycle Trike called the Servi-Car first appeared in late 1931 as a '32 model. Built in response to Indian's popular Dispatch Tow three- wheeler. Previously, Sidecar rigs had been modified for various commercial applications, but the Forty-five powered motorcycle trike was a better multi-purpose machine.

Both manufacturers offered optional tow bars with the three-wheelers, which automotive service shops found useful for picking up and returning cars due for service. A single employee could ride to the client's site, tow the Servi-Car back to the shop, return the car, unhook the trike and ride back. The three-wheelers also found wide use as light-duty delivery vehicles and made perfect meter maid vehicles for city police departments..

RIGHT   1932 sees the release of  the Harley Trike
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Harley Davidson Gas Tank History in Photos
Harley Davidson Gas Tanks
New standard colors introduced in 1933 ushered in a new era in Harley gas tanks Harley gas tanks . Combining intricate tank logos and hand-painted pin striping the Harley gas tank became works of art. The art deco-inspired designs demonstrated the creativity and skill of the company's employees. The tradition of developing new gas tank designs to accompany changing paint schemes became a trademark of Harley-Davidson style.
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Harley Sportster
Harley Sportster era begans in 1957 when Harley Davidson introduced an overhead-valve, 54-cubic-inch engine (883cc). Before that, Harley motorcycles were side-valves (Flatheads). In 1957, Harley Davidson released the overhead-valve cylinder heads, which gave the motorcycle increased horsepower and performance. Today there are many iterations of the Sportster.  

Harley Servi-Car

1932 Model G Servi-car Side Valve V-Twin Servi-Car model production began in 1932 and ended 41 years later. Conceived as the "ideal commercial vehicle," the Motorcycle Trike proved popular with police departments.

Harley History 1910
Harley Motorcycle Logo
The famed Harley Davidson"Bar & Shield" logo is used for the first time in 1910. It is trademarked at the U.S. Patent office one year later.

Harley Jersey

Some Class
That's what everybody will say when you step out in this Harley-Davidson racing jersey. It's the same jersey the Harley-Davidson racing stars and hill climb men have been wearing the past few years. The color is a knockout, dark green body and orange sleeves. It's also got three inch high letters that will tell 'em a mile off what motorcycle you ride.
Davidson Panhead

In 1948, the FL, with redesigned rocker covers for the cylinder head, got the name of Panhead. Hydraulic valve lifters caused less engine noise, ran cooler with aluminum heads, and needed less maintenance.

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